5 Benefits To Board Health

After discussing the four common frustrations of a board, it’s important to explore why it’s important to dive into these issues and show the benefits of a healthy board. There are five things these solutions can help you with.

1. Gaining Clarity about the Roles and Responsibilities of Your Board

When we dive into these solutions in the coming articles, it’s all about everyone understanding their roles and responsibilities within their board position. The most unfair expectation in the world is the unvoiced expectation. Sometimes we don’t like being straight to the point of saying exactly what our expectations are of our board members. We don’t want to scare them away. The same is true for people serving on boards. They want to help as much as they can, so they say, “We’ll make it work”. What is effectively happening is both sides are being set up to disappoint the other. It’s no way to begin a relationship of service and effort.

2. Strengthen Your Board Composition

Diversification is essential to avoid a monotone voice across your board. Your board should includes voices belonging to all the different publics that are part of your market and diverse voices should also include expertise. These are the voices you need to hear to move your mission forward.

3. Help the organization achieve its goals.

There are a variety of ways that the board as a whole, the members as individuals, and the way you create you board come together to achieve its goals. Until you put that structure in place, make the roles well defined, and fill those roles with the right capable people, your board may feel the board is an unsatisfactory and unfulfilling experience, simply because it is not achieving its goals. Expectations have to be clearly communicated in order to help the organization fulfill its vision.

4. Financial Oversight

I feel this is one of the most important benefits, because it can be a killer when ignored. The proper checks and balances and reporting will help assure appropriate financial oversight for your board and organization. Asking the hard questions is essential in the overall health and well being of your board.

5. Clear Strategic Direction and Priorities

We don’t want to be a thousand rays of light without a high-beam focus. The development of strategy and priorities will help us decide what we need to tackle and shoot for first. The priorities and the succession of those priorities help keep us on task and focused instead of all the voices coming in and shooting us in a thousand different directions.

These solutions in getting your board in line can help a ton. We’re excited to get you started on the road to productive and healthy boards!

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