Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable.  

Workplace disputes can be anything from claims of harassment, retaliation, bullying, wrongful termination, discrimination claims, and contract/wage issues.  The bottomline is if two or more members on your team disagree, you have a workplace dispute.  

Our workplace mediation solutions strive to protect your organization’s health.  There are multiple benefits to using our unbiased and professional conflict resolution services:

  1. The goal is fast, creative and mutually beneficial results
  2. Addressed quickly, the chances of escalation are limited
  3. Mediated resolutions work better and longer than authoritative resolutions because our process strives to create buy-in from all parties
  4. The process strengthens team through increased communication, understanding and mutual respect 
  5. Limited expenses of high cost, time absorbing legal battles

Unlike traditional “litigation” mediation, we understand that your team members are going to have to continue to work together.  Our goal is that your team is stronger after the mediation process.  

Our job is to preserve and strengthen professional relationships.  We work to open communications between parties about the reasons for their conflict.  We then work to ensure that each party understand’s the other parties grievances and view of the issue(s).  The process then work with the parties to create workable solutions that will work not only in the short-term, but long-term.  As the parties work through the issues together, their overall ability to work together away from these issues increase as well.  

Our team is ready to partner with you to handle the following workplace conflicts:

  1. Sexual harassment complaints
  2. Disputes between employees
  3. Deteriorating performance
  4. Terminations