Today’s professionals are facing a variety of challenges. 

We pride ourselves in being your advocates and championing your success.

 Our clients share that working with us is more than investing in training and development. 

It is a professional relationship where they have trainer, coach, consultant, partner, teacher and confidante wrapped into one. 

The question we regularly get is "now what exactly do you do?"  

We make you better.  

Simply put, we are educators.  We teach.  We train.  We develop.  We make you better.  

We do this in a variety of ways.  The Triumph Team specializes in the following:

  1. Consulting:  offering specialized expertise and experiences that add value to you and/or your organization 
  2. Coaching:  creating a powerful, collaborative, dynamic relationship focused on bringing the best out of the client
  3. Evaluation: collecting data to determine if training is effective
  4. Needs Assessment:  identifying if and what training needs are necessary
  5. Speaking Engagements: providing information, persuasive and entertaining keynotes, lunch-n-learns, and workshops
  6. Training: facilitating learning in order to transfer knowledge, skills and abilities needed to accomplish a task

We pride ourselves in being professionals who listen to our clients and share our expertise in the most meaningful and effective fashion.  

Our values guide everything we do.  First and foremost, we are guided by the value that people matter.  Nothing is more important that people.  We care about our clients and their success.  

Next, we are extremely competitive.  We push ourselves to be the absolute best for our clients. We thrive in partnerships with clients who are also extremely competitive, with themselves and the competition.  

We are peacemakers.  We are not afraid of the hard conversations that must take place to bring true harmony to a relationship and a team.  We will have the hard conversations.  We will share the truth with you...with care and candor...but we will share the truth.

Adaptability is key to what we do.  We are not rigid and cookie-cutter in our approach.  We are flexible and want to personalize our partnership with our clients as much as is needed.  

Significance is core to what we all need.  We love success.  However, success is empty with significance.  We love success, but prefer success that matters.  

Consistency is key.  We pride ourselves in being great...over and over again.  We treat people the same...very well.  

Let us prove it to you.