Experience that Matters

Since starting The Triumph Team in 2013 in Norman, Oklahoma, Rennie Cook has worked with thousands of leaders from large corporations to small business owners to entrepreneurs launching their dream endeavors.  

What sets Rennie apart is the perfect balance of experience as a trainer and as a professional in the trenches.  Rennie has a proven record where he spent over 15 years as a leader and executive who regularly led his teams to record growth, production and profits.  He is also recognized as a highly effective trainer, coach and communicator who is able to inspire and ignite change that transforms individuals and organizations.  His clients are continuously creating record setting growth, production and profits in their own right.

The Triumph Team was created by Rennie for that very reason.  To train and develop leaders, and their organizations, to achieve levels of performance that were before unimaginable.

A Commitment to Excellence

Rennie Cook embodies the value of lifelong learning.  He earned his Bachelor's and Masters' degrees in Education from The University of Oklahoma.  

He has received numerous certifications and certificates related to training, coaching and consulting.  Some of  these certificates and certifications are:

  • Certificate in Career Development Coaching/Training
  • Certificate in Executive Management Coaching/Training
  • Certified Human Behavior Specialist
  • Certified John Maxwell Coach/Trainer/Speaker
  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Certified Mediator and Negotiator
  • Certificate in Sales Training/Coaching
  • Certified Strata Leadership Trainer
  • Certified Styles of Influence Consultant 

Rennie is also a regular guest lecturer in The University of Oklahoma's Adult & Higher Education program and the MBA program at Oklahoma Christian University.  

His high value for lifelong learning is a fundamental value of The Triumph Team.  All members of the team are expected to embody the highest levels of expertise and experience in their fields, and continue in their growth and development.

A Trusted Adviser

Rennie is sought after for his ability to challenge, encourage and educate professionals.  His training, coaching, speaking and facilitation skills bring enormous value to the individuals and teams with which he works.  Through his work he seeks to consistently:

  • Honor his Christian faith
  • Encourage and empower others
  • Exemplify excellence in all he does